About Us

Power E-Cigs basically started their online business over 4 years ago, right when the electronic cigarette market began. We know the importance of
giving traditional tobacco smokers a real alternative and the empowerment to make the switch. The Power E-Cig looks and feels just like a traditional
cigarette, with the exception that when you inhale, your intake is based on small doses of nicotine, without dangerous carcinogens. When you exhale,
you breathe out a vapor like mist, therefore there is no:

  • No long term offensive odor
  • No Cigarette smoke
  • No Nicotine smell
  • No ash or flames
  • Exponential Savings
  • No Second Hand Smoking Dangers

As a Power E-Cig reseller or distributor we will support all of your marketing and sales needs with exceptional service to you and your business. We are
NOT looking to work with everyone, we are looking to work with the right partners and distributors that will help support our brand integrity and
product value. If you think your retail business or online business can benefit from the Power E-Cig product, please feel free to contact us at
1-800-632-8592 or email us at: [email protected]

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