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Gary K

Smoke Where I enjoy Most!

Gary, K – Montgomery, TX

“My kids love the fact that I smoke Power E-Cigs. With Power I do not have to worry about finding burnt cigarettes on the floor. At night I would light up a cigarette, fall asleep and find out the next morning that the cigarette burnt the carpet. Now with the Power E-Cig, I just take a drag and then go back to sleep without worrying.”

Now I have the Power!

Ronald J, Chuckey, TN

I had smoked for 30 years. I had tried about every brand on the market. In late spring 2013 I tried Power E-Cigs. Within 1 month after starting with Power E-cigs I became totally hooked ever since. Now I have the Power to really enjoy living life.

Thank you so much!

John C

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the excellent service, and quick response that your company has provided. Power Ecig has exemplary service in both categories.”
power testimonial

Thank you Power E-Cig!

Ana B / Miami, FL

“I love e-cigs. It’s freedom. I can still enjoy smoking without feeling the stigmatism attached to smokers. I still behave like a regular smoker, because I smoke every where; at concerts, at the movies, and in bars. I talk it up to all smokers. I have actually turned a few on to it. I am happy.
Thanks PowerEcig!”
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